Gaia is the ancient Greek name for the goddess of Mother Earth. It celebrates its beauty, abundance and nurturing nature. This is exactly how we see our magical home, not just because this is the only planet with chocolate on it (although on some days there is no need for a better reason), but because it keeps us loved, nourished, warm and helps us grow.

We are a family with two small kids, who like many others after having children became more and more conscious of our waste and plastic usage. The task to become Zero Waste seemed daunting, scary and impossible, until we realised that it doesn't need to happen overnight. It is a work in progress, a way to grow and

change day to day. 

We created FRoG in 2018 to share this journey with like-minded FRoGs and to promote the brands that we loved. By now, we have have also built our own line of products, which are handmade (mainly by me) using sustainable, earth-friendly materials in fun, colourful prints.


We are aiming for

Zero Waste

Zero Plastic

100% functionality

100% ethical practices



in all of our products!

Thanks for visiting us, and for your ongoing support!


  Niki + James


So here we are, the 🐸 🐸 behind FRoG.jp