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Low impact Kitchen swaps

Your bathroom is a great place to implement some easy swaps, if you are pursuing a low impact lifestyle. There is so much sneaky plastic making its way into this room without being noticed, it's worth to have a look around every now and then.

These changes don't need to be big, bold and expensive, and definitely don't need to be done all at once. If it helps, make a list and work your way through it, swapping everything bit by bit. We also put together some of our favourites below.


soap + shampoo bars

This is by far my favourite swap in the bathroom, and it has been super easy to maintain. There are so many beautiful, natural and handmade soaps to choose from, you can never be bored of them!

Plus they look so much better than all the plastic bottles that flood most of our bathrooms.

Handmade Soaps

Bamboo toothbrush

Yesss! Ditch those nasty plastic brushes!

Globally we use about 3.5 billion of them every year, and about 80% of these end up in the sea, so this is the little change with a BIG impact.

Handles of sustainable bamboo can be composted or made into fun craft projects. Bristles of nylon or a blend of castor bean oil and nylon should be removed and recycled.



Menstrual Cup

This may not seem like a small change financially, but compared to the estimated 11000 sanitary products that every woman uses over their lifetime,

it really is one.

Just imagine how many pads and tampons can one of these little cups can keep away from landfill and

from the ocean! 


Deodorants that work, that are made without any nasty chemicals, that are vegan, and come in a cardboard tube... what's not to love about them?

Earth Conscious


If you are sensitive to bicarbonate of soda, check these out from Scence.

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dental care

Natural toothpastes, tooth soap and floss.

We are all so used to the big minty flavours and foamy textures of everyday toothpastes, that these natural versions may take some time to adjust to.

Some instantly love them, some need to try a few different ones, but it's worth all the effort!


Makeup pads

Wet wipes and makeup pads are constantly found on beaches around the world and cause more than 90% of sewage blocks. On top of all this, nearly all of them contain some plastic, so they won't just disappear for a few 100 years either. 

Swapping to bamboo or cotton pads is a lot more skin-friendly, earth-friendly and pocket-friendly, plus with all the fun prints to choose from, you can bring some colour into your daily routine.

Makeup Pads